For Your NDIS Needs

Registered Provider offers a simple way to connect with potential NDIS Registered Providers in your neighborhood, allowing you to take a step back from contacting simply one business at a time.

While you still can browse to find one business in your needs area. You can also focus on one Disability Group, Profession, Location or NDIS Service Provider Category to reach out and make contact with these businesses.

Ultimately this saves you time and places you at an advantage when trying to get the best service to suit your needs. Efficient, simple and easy to use, Registered Provider Australia offers a way to get what you need without the headaches.

How to Reach Out

It’s really simple, just complete the form anywhere on the site and this will be forwarded to the relevant providers.

  • Don’t worry we also understand that no one wants to get 25 phone calls and 25 emails. We will limit the number of service providers that receive your details.
  • We consistently provide service audits on our Service Providers to ensure they are treat each and every potential customer with respect and valuable service.
  • We also occasionally will call you to ensure that you are satisfied with our ‘free of charge’ service, to maintain quality.


For Business Owners

You may already see your business exists within our website. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the listing, we encourage you to verify your business, update your details and categorisations. Verifying your listing with all your details and locations will generate more leads, traffic and ultimately more sales.

1. Create an Account

Creating an account with Registered Provider is easy. There are 2 ways to sign up and get quality traffic direct to your business. Submit or Claim.

2. Submit/Claim Your Listing

Submitting a listing using Registered Provider is super simple, just become a paying subscriber and we will send you a log-in to submit your listing for moderation. We’ve made entering the address of your place easy as well as it’s NDIS Registered Provider categories. All you need to do is customise your submission and await moderation (generally 1-3 days).

If you have found your listing already its easy to claim simply by following the prompts located in the existing listing. From this point there are only a few steps to add some images, touch up the details to make your listing stand out to attract more visitors. You can even categorise your services via professions to increase you chances to generate more business.

3. Get More Interest In Your Business

It’s a simple matter of exposure, the more people understand and see your business capabilities the more likely you are to generate customers. Because NDIS customers have special needs its important to provide the best quality service a customer could ever want or need. And the rewards for good service continue to flow on with a long term relationship.

When using Registered Provider your Business listing will be a thing of beauty. Gracefully present your ability to help the community today! .

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